Who are the Key Players in a Probate Process Pt.1 ?

Before we start let us do a refresher to what is Probate?

Probate is the term for a legal process in which a will is reviewed to determine if it is valid and authentic. Probate also refers to the general administering of a deceased person's will or the estate of the deceased person without a will.

Also, after an asset holder dies , the court appoints either an executor named in the will or an administer (if no will is available) to administer the process of the probate.

In probate there are quite a few key players over the next few moments we will go over some (but not limited too)

Let us start...

  1. The Clerk of the Circuit Court to which in the state or county the decedent was domiciled at time ...

Probate Myth Reading of the Will

Probate Myth - “The Family/ Heirs reading of the Will”

What actually is the process

While the “will reading” is just a myth, created by certain industries and propagated through TV and movies, most people don’t know this until they have to go through it for themselves. To which there is no walk in the park . Completing this part of it will be the starting point for making initial arrangements for the execution of the will:

  • Finding the original will

  • Making copies for distribution

  • Identifying the Personal Representative or Executor

  • Discussions on the distribution of assets

In other cases, a will might not exist or the surviving spouse may have assets transferred to the...

Traditional Home Sales compared to Probate Sales


We here at DMV Probate are the experts when it comes to probate sales. When you are looking for a property to buy in probate we can guide you to find the best deal. This week's blog will compare traditional home sales vs probate home sales.

Traditional homes sales involve the buyer, seller, loan officer, and real estate agent. It is pretty much a simple process. First you find an agent, get pre approved for a loan, and start to look for a house. The process after that is putting an offer on a home, getting approved and closing on the house. It is a straightforward process that sometimes is not simple. However probate sales are a little different. Here are the differences.

The agreement f...

How to Sell Your Estate if You Are the Executor


If you have been named the executor of an estate, you are responsible for many tasks. You should consult a professional. Here at DMV Probate Group we will assist in the process of selling your estate. The executor needs to file the will with probate court, be in control of the probate timeline, see if the estate qualifies for streamlined probate, hire an agent once you are named the executor, make sure you hire an agent that has experience selling probate real estate sales, and sell your house as soon as possible during the probate

You must file the will with probate court in 30 days of the date of death. If you do not do it in the timeline the state outlines, then you have created more c...

What is Conservatorship?

Should we seek a conservator for a family member? This is a question many family members ask when their loved one can no longer make life decisions. DMV Probate Group knows about conservatorship and appointing a conservative regarding probate court. In this week’s blog we will explain what conservatorship is? And how should someone move forward when appointed the conservator for an estate.

Conservatorship is a person appointed by the court to make financial decisions for a loved one who is incapable of these decisions. This process takes around 30 days to be appointed as a conservator. This process is done in court. Make sure, if you want to have a family member be appointed a conservat...

What are Trustee Sales?

Here at DMV Probate Group, we know how to assist you in a trustee sale. The Trustee Sale includes the presale, sale, stipulations, and bidding. Here is our current blog which will address all the steps in a trustee sale.

A presale is called 90 days before the sale of the property. The owner has 90 days to try to get his financial situation in order. This gives the owner 90 days to get caught up.

A trustee sale occurs once a homeowner is in default on his mortgage and is in foreclosure. The highest bidder at the trustee sale will become the owner of the property. This is a great opportunity to find a great deal. This is the time for possible bidders to strategize the best ways to buy the proper...

How to Prepare For a Property Clean out


Here at DMV Probate Group, we specialize in estate cleanouts. In our latest blog we will describe the best ways to do a proper property cleanout before the estate is sold. Property cleanout is the key to selling your home or estate.

The stress of an estate sale can be very hard for the family members. You need to do the following steps before cleaning out your estate. You should get rid of things that are trash or debris, find the important financial documents, find the best service to help you out of the home, find a storage rental, and decrease the time you spend cleaning out the home..

When Clearing out trash and debris you need to be thorough. Creating a checklist of items that you h...

The Importance of Having An Estate Plan

The Importance of Having An Estate Plan

Here at DMV Probate Group, we understand the importance of the Estate. Check out of our latest blog regarding estate planning:

Having an estate plan is where your money, estate, retirement, and assets go in case of a sudden death. There are many reasons why an estate plan is not only necessary for yourself, but vital to those around you. Having a plan in action to protect your love ones weather thats financially or even yourself with the wishes you want to be carried out it’s important to take these steps. First off, a healthcare proxy is in terms a living will. This person will be your voice. They will advocate what you wanted, for example, being ...

The Importance of Hiring a Mobile Notary In DC, Maryland, and Virginia Area

Fred Dorsey is the owner of DMV Probate Group that serves the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region, and is also referred to as the “Prince of Probate.” Fred has background experience as a real estate agent and a notary public. With Fred’s extensive experience, he emphasizes that his attention to detail, consistent communication, and problem solving are most vital. To ensure honest information is being presented between Fred and the clients.

This is a mobile Notary service. A Notary public is someone who is authorized to stamp public documents and make them valid in the eyes of the law. Without a notary public our documents would not be legally valid. The reason why you shoul...

What Is Probate and How Does It Work in Real Estate Sales?

What is probate? In simple terms, it is a court-supervised process that involves authenticating or verifying a last will and testament of a deceased, if there is one that exists. The administration of this will also include locating and determining the value of the deceased’s assets, distributing their estate to heirs, and paying their final bills and taxes. Quite complicated, here is more to know more about it and how it works in real estate sales.

What Is Probate?

Probate is a process that determines who handles the estate of a deceased if a will is left. The court will oversee the entire process, authenticate the validity of a last will and testament and then appoint an executor (the ...

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