How to Sell Your Estate if You Are the Executor


If you have been named the executor of an estate, you are responsible for many tasks. You should consult a professional. Here at DMV Probate Group we will assist in the process of selling your estate. The executor needs to file the will with probate court, be in control of the probate timeline, see if the estate qualifies for streamlined probate, hire an agent once you are named the executor, make sure you hire an agent that has experience selling probate real estate sales, and sell your house as soon as possible during the probate

You must file the will with probate court in 30 days of the date of death. If you do not do it in the timeline the state outlines, then you have created more challenges to get the estate sold.

The probate timeline is crucial. Make sure you gather all the paperwork, documents, and forms you need to meet your timeline. The faster you do this the more quickly your estate sells.

Next, make sure your estate qualifies for streamlined probate. The process in court can be very expensive and if your state has streamlined the probate process this will save you time and money.

It is very important to hire a real estate agent once you are named the executor. However, you can consult with an agent before you are named an executor. It is wise to hire the right agent that knows this process.

Hiring the best real estate agent who has experience in probate estate sales is very important in being able to sell the estate. Your agent should know the legal process, and help you every step in the process. Here at DMV Probate Group we can help you sell your estate and help you every step of the way. We will help you sell your probate estate quickly and help streamline the process. We serve the Baltimore, DC, and Virginia region. Please visit to schedule an appointment.

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