The Importance of Hiring a Mobile Notary In DC, Maryland, and Virginia Area

Fred Dorsey is the owner of DMV Probate Group that serves the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region, and is also referred to as the “Prince of Probate.” Fred has background experience as a real estate agent and a notary public. With Fred’s extensive experience, he emphasizes that his attention to detail, consistent communication, and problem solving are most vital. To ensure honest information is being presented between Fred and the clients.

This is a mobile Notary service. A Notary public is someone who is authorized to stamp public documents and make them valid in the eyes of the law. Without a notary public our documents would not be legally valid. The reason why you should hire a mobile notary is more beneficial than most would think. There are 4.5 million notaries operating in the United States. In larger cities it is never difficult to find a notary, but in smaller towns and rural communities it can be more difficult to nearly impossible. Mobile notaries work on your schedule which makes the whole process efficient. A mobile notary comes to you at your time so there is no need to worry about getting to the office. While a mobile notary has business hours, they can get back to you at any time which makes them more available and fitting to your schedule. The mobile notary has a job of getting documents signed, if someone who needs to sign the document if they are in the hospital, homebound, or any other reason, they don’t have to worry about somehow getting to the office when the mobile notary can come right to them at the location that they are at. This eliminates any problems with documents not getting signed. Another perk of having a mobile notary is less fraud. When a mobile notary is present, all parties signing must show legal identification to ensure that it is who they say they are. Having this step is important to make sure there are no fraudulent actions taken place. That can include making sure you are signing the documents with free will and not under any duress. With online notaries that is something that is more common than not. Having the DMV probate group ensures that these mobile notary services are efficient, reliable, and come with many perks in the surrounding DMV area. The mission statement of the DMV probate group is, "To help provide more solutions than excuses while settling families Probate, Estate, and Trust." which goes along with who this group is. They formed in 2020 during the global pandemic which is one of the worst years in modern time. They realized a lot of people were being misinformed about settling their loved ones probate, estate, or trust. The group decided they wanted to help and serve the DMV location with honesty. They offer a lot of services, and are ready to serve those who need it.

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