What is Conservatorship?

Should we seek a conservator for a family member? This is a question many family members ask when their loved one can no longer make life decisions. DMV Probate Group knows about conservatorship and appointing a conservative regarding probate court. In this week’s blog we will explain what conservatorship is? And how should someone move forward when appointed the conservator for an estate.

Conservatorship is a person appointed by the court to make financial decisions for a loved one who is incapable of these decisions. This process takes around 30 days to be appointed as a conservator. This process is done in court. Make sure, if you want to have a family member be appointed a conservator that you have the appropriate evidence for the judge.

Who is appointed a conservator? Someone who is in a coma, mentally challenged, someone who has Alzheimer’s disease, someone who has a stroke, or has suffered a brain injury. These people are incapable of making the financial decisions needed.

How does the court decide if someone needs a conservator? The court will decide if the person needs a conservator by having a hearing. Once the facts are provided, the court will decide if the person can no longer make financial decisions. This process takes around 30 days.

The court can appoint a conservator to an estate as well. That person will make the same decisions and follow the same guidelines for probate as we discussed in previous blogs. Probate court is not easy to navigate. Contacting the right professionals will make the process much easier.


We here at DMV Probate Group can help the conservator with estate questions and help them sell the estate. DMV probate serves the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia area. We are experts in probate matters. Contact us today.

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