Who are the Key Players in a Probate Process Pt.1 ?

Before we start let us do a refresher to what is Probate?

Probate is the term for a legal process in which a will is reviewed to determine if it is valid and authentic. Probate also refers to the general administering of a deceased person's will or the estate of the deceased person without a will.

Also, after an asset holder dies , the court appoints either an executor named in the will or an administer (if no will is available) to administer the process of the probate.

In probate there are quite a few key players over the next few moments we will go over some (but not limited too)

Let us start...

  1. The Clerk of the Circuit Court to which in the state or county the decedent was domiciled at time of descendants death.

  2. Personal Representative or Executor of the estate.

  3. Circuit Judge

  4. Probate Attorney to provide legal advice to the personal representative (PR) and family helping them through the probate process.

Here are a few key players needed in the probate process. We are just scratching the surface. This is part one of the key players on the look-out for part two to where we will dive a little more into cleaning out the home, auctions, estate sales and selling the home.

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Courtesy of Fred Dorsey (Prince of Probate)

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